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Hey, I’m Matt. I'm currently working on Formfunction, a Solana NFT marketplace made for 1/1 art and independent creators (we're hiring!). Previously, I built products at Facebook NPE. Our team focused on making the world more equitable—you can check out the website we built at Before that, I worked on designing and implementing an IPC protocol for AR/VR devices. Although I prefer working on products—something I only really realized after doing systems software for a year—it was fun to work so close to the hardware. In addition to picking up cool new acronyms like "MCU" and "SoC," I learned a lot about C++, TCP, FlatBuffers, and how painful it is to stand up a Bluetooth stack. My first team at Facebook was content integrity, where I built tooling and infrastructure for the thousands of content moderators Facebook has around the world. My projects included building a system that maps decisions to actions (which is a lot more complicated than it sounds) and making content moderation a less harrowing experience. If you want to learn more about the ins and outs of content moderation, I recommend the Post No Evil podcast by RadioLab.
I graduated from Caltech in 2017, where I majored in Computer Science and minored in English. Most of my computer science sets are still on GitHub, although they’re mostly just gibberish to me now. At least I can rest assured that I used to be able to write proofs. In 2016 I won Caltech’s poetry award with a poem called "Encounter", which means that English minor was definitely worth it.
I’ve suffered two concussions in my life, both while playing basketball—one as a high school senior and one as a college freshman. Perhaps my proudest achievement is just getting through college while dealing with post-concussion syndrome. Over the years I tried a lot of medications—Topiramate (the most effective for me), Verapamil, Amitriptyline, Innopran, Indomethacin, etc. I also went to quite a few different doctors—multiple neurologists, multiple chiropractors, an acupuncturist, and multiple physical therapists. Seeing a neurologic physical therapist at Stanford in 2018 helped me finally overcome my symptoms. If you’re suffering, or have ever suffered, from brain problems, I highly recommend a book called The Brain that Changes Itself. It gave me hope when it seemed like things would never improve—brain plasticity is an amazing thing.
In my spare time, I like to make stuff. I’ve tabled at LA Zine Fest and SF Zine Fest—here are a couple of the t-shirts we made for LAZF (yup, we made a t-shirt with the Vim icon on it). I’ve also made a few songs, some of which are on Soundcloud. I use Ableton Live, in case you’re curious. Occasionally I write things; my Medium has more technical content, and I try to write a daily haiku and TIL on my personal blog. Some of my other hobbies are bouldering, playing tennis, foraging for mushrooms, and playing games on my Nintendo Switch and Oculus Quest (Echo VR is awesome). I also read a lot—some of my favorite books are listed down below.
Formfunction is the Solana NFT marketplace made for 1/1 art and independent creators.
Nifty Generator
Nifty Generator lets you randomly generate NFT images with different traits, complete with metadata—no coding needed.
The Mycoverse is a collection of 999 mushroom-inspired NFTs on the Solana blockchain.
Psychedelics Anonymous
Developed four ERC-721 smart contracts for the Psychedelics Anonymous NFT project. The four collections sold out in ~1 week and generated ~$10,000,000.
Nifty Pixels
Nifty Pixels is an NFT marketplace that lets you create, buy, and sell pixel art NFTs all in one place. You can create pixel art using our built-in tools, mint your art as NFTs, and sell them on our marketplace. We're making the world's largest collection of original pixel art NFTs!
Minymons are pets that live on your website and can 💬 answer common questions, 👋 interact with your website visitors, and ✨ build your brand. Check it out on Product Hunt, we were the #4 product of the day!
I built Harken with Katherine. It's the best way to remember what you learn (like a better version of Anki).
Porta Penguin
If pooping on people like Captain Hook, Professor Umbridge, and Jar Jar Binks sounds like a grand old time, this is the game for you. It's built with Godot, an awesome game engine. I made some fairly popular YouTube tutorials about how to make this game, but still haven't finished the series... maybe some day.
Online Omnichord
The first time I saw/heard the Omnichord, I immediately wanted one. It's a truly unique instrument, and just plain fun to play. This website brings the Omnichord experience online—you can play chords, strum the harp, and even turn on rhythms. All the sounds were sampled from my own Omnichord.
Dino Brick
Chrome's no-WiFi dino game lazily ported to the terminal. I made this game with brick, a Haskell library for writing terminal applications. This was back when I was really into Haskell.
A place for sharing and discovering music based on specific moods. Want to listen to some songs while sitting outside, on a bench, on a warm and sunny day? Yes? Well then, check it out!
In college my friend Matt picked up a small CRT TV from a thrift store in San Diego, on which he continually played these awesome looking gradients. This website is a homage to that project.
Happy Things
I have a book called 14,000 Things to Be Happy About. Every time you refresh this website, it displays three things from that book. I built it using scotty, a Haskell framework for building websites.
Project Graveyard
I think everyone has a few of these. These are projects I spent a non-trivial amount of time and effort on, but never really saw the light of day. This is currently an incomplete list, I'll add some more things here over time.
Folio was a marketplace that connected artists to companies that wanted to license art. We got far enough that I built basically the whole site with Firebase, realized Firebase has a lot of limitations, and then migrated it to GraphQL + Relay. Eventually, we stopped working on it because the market size was quite small.
Wizards was an expert network for game devs. We didn't get very far with this one—the landing page isn't even finished. I think it looks cool though.
Here are some of my favorite , , , , , , , and . Tweet me if you have any recommendations!