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a single exchange
or maybe a few
a swapping of words and ideas
and of views
there're the usual questions
cliche at best
tired and old
they still pass the test
of prompting glazed eyes
and should be condemned
for conversational murder
among many decent men
or perhaps if you're lucky
these niceties are passed
you move straight to the heart
with these questions asked
what's your favorite record?
or your favorite band?
if you could live anywhere
would it be in the sand?
or maybe you ask something
zany and stupid
with both fingers crossed
and while praying to cupid
the arrows are fired
the guns are unloaded
you sit back and wait as
the show starts unfolding
you sit back and wait as
the answers start rolling
and the words you relate to
are abundantly showing
that this might be the start
of no ordinary pairing
it's not apples and oranges
more like pickles and herring
with these thoughts in your mind
you depart with a smile
give a pat on your back
you could run a whole mile
and then later that week
you pass by that old friend
or maybe acquaintance
it's not really clear then
relationship aside
your eyes happen to meet
exhibit no recognition of that
fact and look away